The East side of the indonesian island Sumba might be one of the most unexplored place in the world. There are mile after mile of empty white beaches, rolling hill, rivers and secret waterfalls. the untouched nature and the beautiful local culture makes it the perfect place for a getaway. Here are the best ways to enjoy your time in the paradise that is Indonesia.

Gorgeous white beaches, with no people!

Gorgeous white beaches, with no people!


Getting there

Sumba is located in south east Indonesia. From Bali there are two daily flights to the airport in Waingapu, which is the airport you need to go to in order to explore the east part of Sumba.

Things to do

visit the kings village

There are a few kingdoms in Sumba. The royal families are the bearer of the culture and traditions.

Visiting one of the Kings villages is a true treat. You get to see the amazing Sumbanese houses up close. The houses, called uma mbatangu, look like no other houses in Indonesia with their high pitched central peak. The villages has a strong connection with the spirits as their houses are situated around tombs of their families. It is not uncommon for the children to play on top of the tombs, keeping those family members who have passed away close in mind.


East Sumba

the kings village

visit the weavers

You can go visit the villages where the beautiful Ikat fabrics are made. The traditional ones are normally made in all natural dyes such as blues from the Indigo leaves. If you are lucky you can get to buy one. They are not cheap, but this is understandable as it can take up to 4-6 months to complete one sarong.

The royal families are the patrons of the Ikat weavers. They commission and purchase these beautiful weavings from the local artisans thus keeping the ancient weaving tradition alive.

Mind blowing artisans

The women that make these amazing pieces have perfected their art and the way they make it! The ingenious looms they use are made of grass and straw. The system they have come up with is so intricate it takes up to 4 months to create a single piece of ikat, but their efforts do not go to waste; it Sumbanese textiles are famous for being the highest quality handmade textiles in the world!

The long process of making the textile is not the only thing that makes this ikat so amazing, the patterns all tell a different story. All the dyes are made from natural ingredients found in the area, the blue is made from the indigo plant that grows around Sumba, and the white is made from sea shells!

explore untouched nature

There is so much untouched nature to explore in Eastern Sumba. Unparalleled views of sweeping hills and valleys.

There is a path in this nature which leads to the beautiful waterfall below.

There is a path in this nature which leads to the beautiful waterfall below.


Waterfall Ravine

This waterfall is completely hidden away at the bottom of a ravine in the middle of the hills. The hike down to the waterfall was just as beautiful as you would expect. There is no better way to experience the hills of Sumba then hiking down them!

exploring the ocean

The traditional Sumbanese architecture and access to a private beach make Sumba Dream the ultimate place to stay and relax. The white beach lined by mangroves is great for long walks, and photos!



The snorkelling in Sumba is unreal, from the crystal clear water to the thousands of fish found here, it might be the best in the world. You can rent a boat for a day and traveled around the beautiful coastline, going from one snorkel spot to the next.


Where to stay


Sumba Dreams

Ecoresort Sumba Dreams is a small resort with only five bungaloes surrounded by the beautiful nature of east Sumba. This resort is not only sustainable, the food is also home cooked with organic ingredients from the sounding farms and markets, making the whole experience feel extremely authentic.

Keep in mind you need a 4-wheel driven Jeep to get there. The owners will pick you up at the airport. Once there it is hard to get anywhere else. Meals are not included in the price of the rooms so make sure to first get a quote from the owners.

There are miles and miles of white desolate beaches right outside the hotel.

As usual when someone from the Bag-all team travels we took the opportunity to photograph our items. Here is our new  Black Yoga bag .

As usual when someone from the Bag-all team travels we took the opportunity to photograph our items. Here is our new Black Yoga bag.

Amu Dahi Melolo Villas


Amu Dahi Melolo Villas

This Eco resort all the way, it even has a sweet water pool which is cleaned by plants.

We also visited Amu Dahi Melolo Villas and Restaurant. It is owned by a french couple which cooks the most delicious food. They also have two small houses which they rent.

This place is truly worth a visit and a stay!

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