Turn Your Bathroom into a Relaxing Oasis

The right accessories combined with some small design hacks can help you bring out that hotel feeling, and transfer your living space into a relaxing oasis. Use these 7 tricks to make your bathroom look like a spa and see the transformation take place.

Introduce some greenery and decorative plants

Seen in the picture is one of our customers’ favorite — Our Large Beauty Box. This roomy box sometimes feels bottomless, and fits all of your essential beauty products. Since it also has laminated fabric inside, it’s super easy to wipe it clean whenever that eyeliner of yours spill. This beauty box comes with a recycled removable ribbon on top, and can be monogrammed and customized to fit your individual style and preference.


hang a chic shower curtain

One of our favorite bathroom hacks is to add an extra shower curtain to your shower. When you place two curtains next to each other, they’ll appear as one and give the impression of a luxurious, thick curtain.

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let a small stool hold your towels

No matter what kind of chair or stool you use, placing a furniture piece in your bathroom will enhance that hotel feeling. Suddenly, the room turns into a comfortable place where you can spend some time and hang out. And by hang out, we’re not suggesting that this should be your new living room, although that would be pretty convenient… But maybe you’ll find it peaceful to be able to sit down and slowly get ready for the day. After all, this is where your day starts. Let’s make sure your day is always off to a good start, every day. Add some textiles by placing a laundry bag or folded towels on top of your chair.

add a bamboo bath mat or something similar with texture

As much as we love our Large Beauty Box for its storage solutions, we love it equally as much for its stylish looks and decor capabilities — Talk about multitasking…

And as if that wasn’t enough, this beaut also comes in black, where you have the choice of our standard “My Vanity Case” print, a customized message, or to simply keep it simple and leave it blank.


add scented candles

Introducing our Small Beauty Box. Just like our Large Beauty Box, this small but spacious organizing box comes in both black and white, and can be customized if your print preferences differ from our existing options. Of course, the recycled grosgrain ribbon on top can be replaced by other colors, and the box is made from 100% cotton.

Personalize your beauty box with a monogram and it will make a great gift!


add some art work to your bathroom

Hack alert! For those of you who can’t attach art to your bathroom walls due to wall material or an angry landlord, don’t forget about the power of tape. Hanging strips is a good solution if you’d rather not damage your walls, or if you’d rather spend your time relaxing in the tub without having to dust off your toolbox.

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store your products in style

Fellow designers, we’ve reached the end of our list. However, this tip may be one of the most important ones yet: the importance of storing your items in style. That half-empty toothpaste tube laying around isn’t gonna do much for your bathroom. Invest in some stylish, functional and sustainable storage items. Everything from a cute box to a basket or an organizing bag will do wonders for your space. And the best part, it doesn’t have to cost you much at all.

See picture for a customized version of our Blank Large Beauty Box, and don’t forget, this box can store whatever you need it to store. It’s up to you and your imagination.

Below, we have our Lotions & Potions Case next to our My Brushes Case. These cases have a laminated inner lining, which prevents the fabric from getting ruined from leaking lotions and creams. When they’re not functioning as stylish storage on your shelves, they’re both excellent travel partners.

Jennifer Jansch