DIY Stain Remover

Laundry day is here and it’s time to deal with the growing pile of clothes. As we grab our bag and head into the laundry room, we want to share one of our best laundry hacks with you guys.

Find our  laundry bag  “Dirt Bag”  HERE

Find our laundry bag “Dirt Bag” HERE

Many times, we find ourselves throwing away a clothing item because it got stained. First of all, never throw a piece of clothing away; we recommend recycling it instead. Second, maybe that stain just needs a little extra love and attention. Although most stores offer many different pre-made options, it can feel comforting to know exactly what, and how much of it, went into your solution. Often, we find ourselves reading long labels containing of ingredient after ingredient, but the truth is, we don’t always need all of those ingredients. Also, you may need a quick-fix, and prefer not having to pay the store a visit. Therefore, we’re happy to tell you that this simple three-ingredient homemade stain remover won’t disappoint, and it’ll help you get rid of the most stubborn stains.


What you need

Dawn dish soap

Baking soda

Hydrogen peroxide



Mix one part dish soap with two parts hydrogen peroxide

Add 1-2 tbs of baking soda (Add more baking soda or peroxide if needed. You want the mixture to have the texture of a paste)


how to Apply your stain remover

Step 1

Pour a generous amount of the mixture onto the stain. Use a toothbrush to rub the stain remover into the stain. If the stain bled through your item, make sure to rub the underside of your garment as well.

Step 2

Let the item sit with the remover on for at least an hour. More intense stains may require more time. When the time is up, wash the item according to the clothing label.

Step 3

Before moving your item to the dryer, check the stain to make sure it’s gone. If not, repeat the process until the stain is removed. When the stain is removed, dry item according to clothing label. Pour what’s left of your stain solution in a mason jar and seal tight. Your solution will last for a couple of days, but should be thrown out after a week. Naturally, the hydrogen peroxide will lose its super-powers sooner than later.


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Jennifer Jansch