Back to School Essentials

Another summer break is coming to an end, and we’re getting ready to go back to school. Below, we have gathered some of our personal favorites. We also made a list with some back to school suggestions. We hope you enjoy it!

Your school bag should still be a cool bag

When it comes to school stuff, we know that style matters as much as functionality. It’s gotta be convenient, but it also has to match your personality and personal style. Showing up to school in September means so much more than just entering a new grade. It’s the time of year when you can start off fresh, no matter what that may mean to you. Maybe you developed a new style over summer? Maybe you dyed your hair green and only wear stripes? Maybe you decided that this year, you’re not gonna blend in, but shine bright?

We love all of you as you are, and we want all of you to be able to match your school supplies. By personalizing our blank bags with a customized monogram, your supplies will match the cool spirit that is you. Also, don’t forget to check out our existing bags and prints below. We might know you better than you think :)


Our Lunch Box, which is made from 100% natural cotton and comes with a leakproof laminated lining, can be used as it is or with an added monogram. Personally, we recommend adding the student’s name to the box. Although this box is quite unique and special, we don’t want to risk accidentally switching boxes with the guy who doesn’t like peanut butter, do we?


No matter what your gadgets may be, make sure to store them away someplace safe where they won’t get scratched. As much as we love our precious phones, they really don’t belong in our hands during class. Store your phone away in style when using our My Gadget Case. The case fits your charger and earphones as well, and will make sure that all of your gadgets stay put in one place. Give your case a pop of color by adding some pom poms to the zipper.

A solid and sturdy computer case may be the determining factor in the life span of your computer. Our padded laptop case, which comes in two sizes, offers a great support against scratches and bumps, and a strap that will hold your laptop in place. The outside compartment fits your charger and makes sure that it always stays next to your computer. We know that school can be stressful, and by keeping everything in one place we hope to take at least one future headache off your list.

Don’t forget that all of our blank cases and bags can be customized. Shown in the picture above is our Blank Drawstring Backpack. With a little help from a monogram, this backpack can function as your school bag, gym bag, or library bag.

Jennifer Jansch