Closet Cleanout 101

Cleaning out your closet can feel like an endless project without any ideas on where to begin. Sometimes, we choose to hold on to items for way too long. Maybe they have a sentimental value, maybe we hope that a certain style will come back, or maybe we’re simply just not in the mood to deal with the mess. However, a good closet clean-out does not only feel like a fresh start but will also make room for new items. A neatly organized closet may bring us some peace of mind as we set out to conquer the world while living busy lives. Also, living in New York City, we happen to know that closet space is often limited.

Here are some Marie Kondo inspired tips on where to start and how to keep going when cleaning out your closet and organizing what’s left. We promise you it’ll feel great after!

Step 1

In true Marie Kondo spirit, take every single item out and throw it on the bed. Yes, you heard us. You start off by first making a mess. All jokes aside, this technique will help you realize how many clothing items you really own.

Step 2

When choosing which clothes to keep, ask yourself a few vital questions about each item. For example…

  • Does it still fit?

  • Does it spark joy when I think of it/wear it?

  • Have I worn it in the past year?

  • Am I going to wear it again?

  • If I saw it in the store now, would I buy it?

Step 3

Hang or fold the items you decide to keep neatly so you can easily see everything you own.

Step 4

Use the backwards hanger strategy when putting clothes back into your closet to get a better idea of which items you actually use.

Step 5

Use Bag-all’s garment bags, packing cubes and cases to separate your clothes into categories (for example, accessories, by season, by clothing category etc.).

Step 6

Don’t let floorspace go to waste! Make sure to use it.

Step 7

Use a pretty laundry bag to keep dirty from clean and to spark laundry motivation.

Step 8

Leave a dryer sheet in your closet for a fresh scent.

Step 9

Recycle, sell or donate old clothes.

Jennifer Jansch