Organize Your Beach Bag

If you’re also fantasizing of a neatly organized beach bag, look no further. Here are our best tips for keeping your beach bag in shape.

As we’re approaching August, we’re in the middle of beach season here on the American East Coast. During weekly beach trips to the shore, our wet and dry bag sure has come in handy. We don’t know about you guys, but a messy, unorganized beach bag gets old pretty fast. The wet bikinis are ruining the books and the sunblock always seems to be out on its own adventure somewhere in the far corner of the bag. No matter how neatly we store our phones, shades, and jewelry away, they always end up getting sandy somehow... And let’s not even get started on the crumbled-up sandwich that was thrown in there last minute.


A separate case for each item

- Bag-all has a number of pouches with plastic lining to make your beach life easier. Having your beach gear in our pouches will prevent you from loosing items in the sand, scratching or mixing up your stuff.

Separating wet from dry

- Keep your wet swimsuits away from all your items that you want to keep dry, like your books and electronics!


Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top

This is the ultimate beach bag: Dip dye beach tote. Of course you can also put your name on it with a monogram. Check it out by clicking the picture!


Place your snacks in a lunch bag to keep them fresh

Jennifer Jansch