DIY Pom Poms

Pom poms are such a nice and easy way to add colour and personality to your bags, backpacks, key rings and such. Make one big Pom pom or a whole bunch of small Pom Poms and match the yarn with the colour of your item. 

cheer up and make your own pom poms

Originally Pom Poms were used by cheerleaders in high schools and universities to support and celebrate their school teams, and those ones were usually made of crepe paper. Today Pom Poms are popular way to add style to bags, key rings, backpacks, jackets and much more. It’s also a popular way to make a cute book marks, ear rings, garlands or decorate your home. There’s no end to the possibilities.

We would like to show you how to make your own Pom Poms with some yarn, cardboard and a scissors. Simply follow these steps and before you know it you’ll be a professional Pom Pom maker.


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1. Make a cardboard Pom Pom template

Use a glass, lid, spool of thread or something to draw circles in different sizes on the cardboard. Make a few different sizes to create several sizes of Pom Poms. Cut out around the outer circle then cut a slit and cut out the inner circle. Try not to make the inner circle too big or too small, think about the size of a donut.


2. Wrap yarn around the cardboard ring

Use two cardboard rings and start wrapping yarn around the cardboard rings until the rings is full. Hold on to the end of the yarn until you have wrapped over and secured it. Work around the whole rings, filling all the gaps until the inner rings are full. Change colour as you go, or divide the circle i three and use three different colours, or if you want a spotted colourful Pom Pom use a few different colours at the same time. Have a play and experiment until you find your own favourite style.


3. Cut around the edges of the ring

When the rings are full, use a sharp pointy scissors and cut the yarn around the edge of the rings. Make sure to hold on to the yarn in the middle of the ring so that the yarn doesn’t come out through the opening.

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4. Tie a knot around the cut yarn

Cut a length of a yarn and tie it twice around the middle of the cardboard rings, leaving the ends. Carefully remove the cardboard rings.

TIPS: If you want fluffy Pom Poms try to find a thick single ply yarn, and by single ply we mean a yarn with fewer twists. If you like a chunky Pom Pom use a thick and heavy yarn.


5. Shape and trim the pom pom

Trim the shaggy parts to even out the shape and roll it in your hands to make it round, fluffy and nice looking. Don’t be afraid to cut quite a lot, the more you cut the better it will look.

How cute is this bag with DIY Pom Poms?

Here’s the final result! A cute personalised World traveler bag with DIY Pom Poms.

Not your cup of tea?

Bag-all has ready made Pom Poms if you don’t consider yourself being the crafty person

If making your own Pom Poms isn’t your cup of tea you can always turn to our website where we have a range of Pom Poms for your to order. Simply follow the link below.

Jenny Grimsgård