Pack like a pro with packing cubes

At bag-all we believe that planning and dreaming about your upcoming trip is half the fun. For that reason, packing should be joyful not stressful. While deciding on what to bring along could be hard, how to pack and unpack your bag should and can be easy with the help of packing cubes. to help you along, See some of our best packing tips below.

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1. Plan your outfits

When going away for a shorter trip, where you might only be bringing along a carry on, you need to be smart about your outfit choices.
Don’t just pack clothes you like without thinking how they look together. Instead try to think in outfits. Pack a top that you can wear with a skirt during the day and with a pair of trousers at night.

Only bring clothes that go well together so you can mix and match. That way you can turn 1 piece into several outfits


2. One cube a day

Thinking in outfits isn’t just a good idea when it comes to packing light. It also saves you time and energy when it’s time to get dressed.

If you are away for a conference for example, it’s good to plan ahead on what to wear for each day and event. Pack each outfit in a separate packing cube. One cube for each day - keeps the stress away!


3. CAtegories

For longer trips it’s better to use the packing cubes for clothing categories than outfits. Use one cube for bottoms, one for tops and one for underwear.

If you want cubes for specific items, why not put a monogram on, explaining what’s on the inside.

This way you will never roam through the entire suitcase just to find a tiny T-shirt.

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4. Unpacking made easy

When traveling, all routines usually goes out the window. Having your hotel room organized is a way to maintain some order. With the packing cubes, unpacking your clothes into the wardrobe and drawers and done in under a minute, so you can feel more at home during your stay.

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The pro’s of packing cubes

Pack efficiently – Packing is easy when you know what goes in each cube. When the cubes are full, arrange them Tetris style to fit perfectly in your bag.

Find things easily – Your packing cubes functions as portable drawers. Rather than rummaging around at the bottom of your suitcase, to find an item, just pull out the cube you need.

Save space – You’ld be surprised of how much you can fit into one packing cube. Roll your tops to fit even more into the cubes and avoid wrinkles.

Prevent overpacking – Limit what you pack by choosing one packing cube for each category. What doesn’t fit will have to be left at home!

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organize your wardrobe

The packing cubes are without a doubt the ultimate travel companion. But the added bonus is that they work equally well at home in-between your trips.

Store items in your wardrobe in a stylish and convenient way by using the printed packing cubes or blank packing cubes.

Packing in a few easy steps

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