Bag-all launch in GCC

We are so happy and proud to announce the launch of Bag-all in the Middle East/GCC region!

Jennifer Jansch and Sarah Bag-all in Kuwait.jpg

WE have an awesome new partner!

Everyone, please meet Sarah Al AbdulKareem, our new partner in the GCC region! Sarah is a Kuwaiti national, hence the new Bag-all main office for this region is located in Kuwait.

Sarah was one of Bag-alls first customer some years ago. She bought Bag-all products and sold in her very cool online lingerie store Now she will be taking care of all Bag-all sales, wholesale and retail, in the region and opened the new local Bag-all website:

You can also follow Bag-all GCC on Instagram: @bagall_gcc

This is Sarah and Jennifer Jansch, CEO and founder of Bag-all, in Kuwait before the launch party.

Bag-all Julia and Jen in Kuwait.jpg

As usual Bag-alls Vice President Julia Arhammar came along to help set up the launch event!

There are so many cool places in Kuwait.

This whole industrial area, suwaikh, is booming with concept cafes and restaurants, as well as galleries and shops. the Print room was the venue for the Bag-all event!


Getting it all in order…

Bag-all event in Kuwait

event is on!


Beautiful and very popular influencer Dana Al Tuwarish @daneeda_t came by to say hello along with so many more wonderful kuwaiti people!


Monogramming machine was running hot all evening!

Bag-all launch Event Kuwait.jpg

also involved in Bag-all GCC is Sarahs husband Mohammed and Shanice!


if you are a customer and want to purchase bag-all products please go to the gcc site: or if you own a shop in the gcc region and want to carry bag-all please contact


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