Babes and their Bags

We all know that our sweet little ones come with a lot of stuff. There’s everything from toys and clothes to diapers and essential baby products, and everything in between. As with all other items, storage can be tricky. You want your baby stuff to be at an easy access, but maybe not at the feet of your guests. Maybe you also want your storage solution to be both functional and stylish. Below, we’ve put together a quick guide with some pretty storage solutions for all of your baby’s stuff.

Baby Essentials

As seen in the picture above, our baby bags can easily be customized in order to match your needs. Maybe you are looking for a way to neatly organize your baby’s pacifiers and teethers, or his or her bibs? These roomy bags, that are made from 100% cotton and come in different sizes, can easily fit diapers, wipes, bottles or lotions and creams. Since the color of the recycled ribbon can be changed, these bags make perfect baby shower gifts for all of the babies in your life. Add a pom pom or two to make it more fun!

Shop our Blank Drawstring Backpack  HERE

Shop our Blank Drawstring Backpack HERE

Toys and Games

When it comes to storing away your loved ones’ toys, a larger bag may come in handy. Our Blank Large Organizing Bag will make an excellent toy bag. Customize the ribbon and add a name or bag description to make it colorful, personal and playful. Displayed in the picture above is our Blank Drawstring Backpack. This backpack will easily transition from a trendy toy bag to a sleek backpack when your child later sets out to conquer the world (or simply goes to school).

Diaper bag & Separate cases

Match these baby goodies with our Blank World Traveler Tote and you’ve got yourself a perfect, personalized diaper bag. Through keeping your diaper bag essentials in separate cases, you’ll avoid any unnecessary messes. With sticky baby food in a lunch bag, and lotions and potions in a leak-proof case, your baby essentials will be easier than ever to locate quickly in times of need.

We know that it can be tricky to come up with fun, creative baby gift ideas when you’re heading to meet your friend’s latest little miracle for the very first time. In our opinion, a personalized gift is something that the parents and the child will remember and cherish forever. Instead of giving something that will just end up in the pile of stuff, followed by the attic, we suggest making a personalized diaper bag filled with cute, useful stuff. The best part is, when the child outgrows his or her diaper bag, it can still be reused as something else — for example, a beach bag with their name on it. All of a sudden, your gift turned into the gift that just keeps on giving, and a planet friendly solution that can be reused for years and years to come.

Jennifer Jansch