Packing a Checked-in Bag

Some of us are great at packing. We start early, wash our clothes weeks in advance, and make long packing lists before we even start. Others are less interested in packing routines. They start the day before, throw some stuff in the bag randomly and hope that all of the important items miraculously made it somehow.

No matter if you like packing or not, there are some helpful advice that may spark that packing joy, make the process less stressful or at least make sure that all of your essential stuff make it to your destination.

Our Packing Cubes come in a set of three, and are made from 100% natural cotton. They’re available in both white and black, and can easily be monogrammed.

Our standard prints are either “Small, Medium & Large” or “Undies, Tops & Bottoms,” but if you want to categorize your cubes differently, the blank ones are perfect for personalizing.

Thanks to the mesh fabric on top, you can easily see what’s hiding inside every cube. It also makes sure that fresh air gets into the cube, which results in your clothes staying fresh.

There are many benefits of using packing cubes. It helps you organize your clothes, separate dirty from clean, prevent wrinkles, maximize space, and store away your items in-between trips. Evidentially, cubes also make your life easier during the processes of packing, unpacking and re-packing. Don’t forget that rolling your clothes will optimize your cube space.

2. Make a Packing List

Seen in the picture is our jewelry case “My Bling Bling” and one of our many sunglass cases “My Shades.” They’re both made from 100% natural cotton and come with our signature striped fabric inside.

The jewelry case can easily be personalized with a monogram and will make a perfect gift.

Make a packing list, and make it in advance. We promise you that the odds of you forgetting something important are a lot smaller if you cross items off as you go. In the midst of living busy lives, things can easily slip our minds and be forgotten. In our opinion, every single tool given to us that may make life easier should be taken advantage of. Therefore, we highly recommend using a packing list. Being efficient and saving time are two crucial components for making that busy life more manageable. Find our free packing list HERE.

3. Plan Your Outfits in Advance

Say hello to our organizing bags, seen to the left. As you may know by now, these smart organizers are made from 100% natural cotton and can be reused hundreds of times.

While making sure that you’re keeping track of your stuff, they also prevent wrinkles and make packing and unpacking a lot more fun. You know the drill by now, and may have guessed that even these bags can be monogrammed and personalized. Guess what? You’re right!

Plan your outfits in advance and do not bring clothes you do not wear at home. If you do not use them at home, you will not use them during your trip. We know that it can be tempting to bring those pieces you love, but never use. We all have those items in our closet that we once got, love seeing on the hangers, but just don’t like to wear. We know they look pretty, and maybe they were given to you by someone special, but trust us, they’re just gonna take up room and bag weight.

Our Lotions & Potions Case comes with a waterproof lining, which prevents your leaking creams to get to the rest of your stuff. While this case is the perfect travel companion, it also looks incredibly stylish in your bathroom.

Its sleek and simple design makes it timeless and chic. Meanwhile, it’s made from 100% natural cotton and comes with our signature, stylish, striped lining. This case easily fits multiple lotions and will make it easier to keep track of your beauty products even as you get to your destination.

Make sure to separate your lotions, beauty products and shower gels from the other stuff and place them in a separate waterproof case or bag. We do not want our clothes ruined by leaking lotions, do we. It’s no surprise that we recommend our own Lotions & Potions Case for this job. In our opinion, you can get an endless amount of usage out of this product. It prevents leaks, makes packing and unpacking fun and easy, keeps track of your products at your destination, and will function as a stylish but useful decor item in your bathroom at home. You can’t beat that. You just can’t.

5. Bring a Laundry Bag

This laundry bag, which is made from natural cotton, won’t only look a lot more stylish than a traditional one in plastic, but is also the ultimate travel partner. The added strap makes the carrying easier on your back, and the drawstring opening can easily be opened and closed no matter if the bag is fully loaded or not.

Bring your laundry bag on your trip to make unpacking easier, or leave it hanging on your closet door knob while you’re gone. No matter what, you’ll have the most stylish, functional and planet-friendly laundry bag in town.

Bring a laundry bag on your trip and separate the dirty from the clean while traveling. That way, it will be easier to unpack as you get back home. It may seem foreign to some to bring a laundry bag on your vacation, but we promise you that it’ll be worth it.

6. Place a Dryer Sheet in Your Bag

Check out our awesome men’s collection! Although a lot of our organizing bags are unisex, we also have a men’s collection, suited to fit all of your man’s packing needs.

Prevent wrinkles, lost items and scratched accessories with our organizing bags made from 100% natural cotton. Add a personal monogram to your bag and it’ll make a perfect birthday, holiday or appreciation gift.

Hack alert! Finish off by placing a dryer sheet in your bag before you close it up. That way, all of your stuff will smell fresh and clean when you arrive at your destination. As a matter of fact, a dryer sheet is almost always a good idea. It can be placed in a bag, closet or bathroom to help you bring out that flawless, fresh scent. To help you get started with your packing, we have included our complimentary packing list. Good luck, all!

Jennifer Jansch