Cinco de Mayo Friendly Bag

Hosting a party shouldn’t be too hard. But some preparations are necessary, such as buying the food and drinks. Follow our Net Bag on a shopping trip, in preparation for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. 

Bag-all net bag

Used here at the farmers market for buying all ingredients necessary for a Cinco de Mayo  celebration (read lemon, lime and coronas). The sombreros and piñatas we carried i our hands.

net bag

The Net bag, folds up into a small, convenient pouch making it easy to always carry with you. It is great for your city trip, grocery shopping or even at the beach - because no sand gathers in the bottom of a net bag. 


net Bag
cinco de mayo recipe

Killer street corn

Mix corn, mayo, sour cream and lime juice with chili powder, salt & pepper.

Add cheese (don't be shy) and cilantro and you are ready to go!

Another great pro of the net bag is that you can display all those nice things you otherwise keep hidden in you bag.


net bag