Your weekend getaway packing list

Going on a weekend trip should be nothing but fun. But packing can be stressful, especially when you need to fit everything into a small carry on luggage. Thats why we have gathered an easy check list for what you need to pack for your short trip.



When packing clothes, think about outfits instead of separate pieces. If you are gone for 3 days, prepare 3 outfits. Try packing items that works together to reduce the amount needed. For example, bring a pair of jeans that works both during the day and at night, so you can just change the top when going to dinner.

Wear heavy sweaters and jackets on the plan as they take up space in your bag and planes tend to get cold.

Pack it all in a convenient packing cube.


Underwear and Swim wear

Next necessity is a bag for your underwear and socks. You want to keep your lingerie separate as they are often delicate and easy to loose in a bag.

If you are going to a warm place (or a cold place with a spa) a wet stuff bag will be your best friend! On a weekend trip there usually isn’t time for the time consuming activity that is drying your bikini in the sun. A bag for your wet swim wear will allow you to take all the swims you want without worrying about making everything else in the bag wet.


Exercise gear

Just because you are on a vacation doesn’t mean you cant exercise. I belong to that group of people that always bring my exercise clothes just in case I will this one time go to the hotel gym. Even if that rarely happens, the gym wear can also be wore on long walks by the ocean or hikes up a mountain. So I keep packing it. In a separate small packing cube and in a shoe bag for the running shoes, which often gets dirty.


Toiletries and random stuff

Since you cannot bring more than 100 ml in your carry on, your toiletry bag doesn't need to be too. Although, it needs to be large enough to fit your make-up, toiletries, hair brush etc. This Beauty Box is the perfect size and opens from the top so you can see all content without pouring it all out.

Another pro tip is to have a cute case for all the small loose things in your bag. This can be lipstick, ear buds, hand balm, sleeping mask, you name it!


Laundry Bag

Since the trip is just a couple of days, there is no need for a large laundry bag. Although, its both convenient and fresh to bring a small bag to keep your dirty laundry in and separate it from the rest of your packing.


Ready to hit the road

Got some extra room? Well done! If there is some extra space in your bag, here are some of our favorite bags and cases for all trips.

FeatureJulia Arhammar