Keep your vanity in check

Every minute of the time you spend on getting ready is precious. So don’t waste a second of it digging through your suitcase or overfilled bathroom, looking for a tiny lipgloss which is hiding in a corner. Because, who has time for that? Our Vanity Case and Beauty & Make-up box are the most functional and stylish place to stash all of your beauty essentials.

Vanity is my favorite sin
— Al Pacino

The easy access design of the cases makes finding what you are looking for a breeze. Close it up with the zipper and lift it up in the attached handle – which of course comes with a cute bow. The small canvas pouch is tall enough to hold a tub of face cream and long enough to contain all your makeup brushes.


The large Vanity Box is your best companion for longer trips where you need to collect everything from schampoo, spf and brushes to Advil, lotion and make-up, all in one place. And if one cream decides to leak – don’t sweat it! The striped lining is laminated, making cleaning out the cases easy as a Sunday morning.

Don’t be surprised if it these cases will both become your constant travel buddy and also earn a permanent place on your bathroom.

Our vanity cases and make up cases are now available in both black and natural white version.

FeatureJennifer Jansch