Meet our partner down under - Jenny!

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Jenny, who are you?

I am the Partner and CEO at Bag-all Australia. Three years ago I moved with my family to Sydney. In Sweden I worked as a photographer, but when we moved to Australia I reeducated myself and became a business woman and entrepreneur!

You live in Sydney, what are your top 5 Sydney tips?

  • Go for an early morning surf in Manly and watch the sunrise.

  • Visit Mitchell Road Antique in Alexandria. It is an amazing antique warehouse where you can easily spend a whole day and all your money! Go to The Grounds for lunch or dinner afterwards. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Manly to Curl Curl beach walk, grab a coffee and go for a stunning walk along the Northern beaches.

  • Take the ferry to Watsons bay and take a walk to the lighthouse. Go for lunch at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

  • Spend a Saturday in Paddington. Start with a brekkie at Five ways. Stroll the streets in Paddington and go to Paddington markets for some shopping. Grab lunch at the food stalls at the market. Do some serious shopping at Bag-all across the street on 400 Oxford Street. You deserve a glass of wine at The Wine Library before dinner at Fred’s. If you still got some energy left, go downstairs for a last drink at Charlie Parkers.

Having a professional photographer on the Bag-all team sure is a major perk!

Jenny takes the best mood images of our products. All pictures in this Journal is by Jenny!


If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it.
— Richard Branson

What are your three top destinations and why?

  • New York 

I love everything about this city. Surprise! Who doesn’t? But I have been in New York many times; as a single, with my husband and with our kids and it’s simply the best city in the world that has something for everyone. For example, we spent one summer in New York with our kids and people thought we were nuts, but it was the best holiday ever. So much to do and explore for the kids, beautiful beaches and it was wonderful experiencing the city together with the kids.

  • Marrakech

I’ve only been in Marrakech once, but I love that you can go shopping, surfing and skiing at the same holiday. Like a Kinder egg, three surprises in one.

  • Byron Bay

Byron Bay is an 8 hours’ drive north of Sydney. It is a legendary surf destination with laid back atmosphere. Take a walk to the lighthouse and be the first person to watch the sun rise in Australia. Or go for an epic surf at The pass. 

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What are your best packing tips?

To be honest, I am a terrible person when it comes to packing. I do it the very last minute and I am always worried I’ve packed too much, too little or simply packed wrong things. But Bag-all’s Packing cubes make it so much easier and I don’t go anywhere without my NYC Laundry bag.


Three best cafes in the world?

1. Buvette, New York.

2. Boathouse Shelly beach, Sydney.

3. Båthuset, Mölle, Sweden.

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Three best beaches in Sydney?




Places not to miss?

New Orleans; I’ve never had so much fun as when I was in New Orleans. Such an amazing city with beautiful architecture, amazing food, people and Jazz clubs.

Places on your bucket list? 

  • Skiing in Japan. Many Aussies go skiing in Japan and it sounds like an amazing experience. Imagine skiing or snowboarding in powder day after day. 

  • Horseback riding in Patagonia. Ever since I was a young girl I’ve fantasized about going to Patagonia. As a young girl I spent every spare minute in the stable with my horse, therefore exploring Patagonia on the back of a horse must be pretty amazing.

  • Surfing under the Nordic light on Iceland. After watching a documentary about a couple of guys who travelled to Iceland with the goal to surf under the Nordic light I can’t get the thought out of my head. How amazing wouldn’t that be?!

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Favorite travel companion?

Without doubt my husband and our kids!

Anything else you would like to recommend?

Explore cities by running races like half marathons. I’ve explored cities like Berlin, New York, Sydney and my hometown Stockholm that way and it’s such a cool experience. You’re in the middle of the city and you get the opportunity to see landmarks, monuments and beautiful parts of the city in just a couple of hours. One epic example is running over the Sydney Harbour bridge among thousands of likeminded people. It was such a beautiful sight and it really gave me goose bumps. 


You still spend your summers in Sweden, Whats is the best places to go during swedish summers?

When we go home to Sweden, Mölle is my favorite place on earth. That’s where I feel at home. We’ve spent summers and holidays in Mölle for many many years and that’s where my closest friends and family are. Mölle is a beautiful little village with stunning nature, world class restaurants and the renowned Grand Hotel Mölle.

Where can we follow you?

Instagram @jennygrimsgard and @bagallaustralia

Jennifer Jansch